Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Really! it's not that bad!

or so I think!

I made dinner - rosemary pork chops with roasted potatoes and carrots. I modified by using boneless pork chops because that is what I had in my freezer and greek salad because I didn't feel like 2 root vegetables.

Here's the recipe for the pork & potatoes
400 calories, 17 grams of fat & 4 grams of fibre for the recipe. Keeping in mind though that we had salad instead of carrots. So it's not 100% accurate but a good indication in any case. Also I think you could cut the fat by making your own breading.. but this is a kraft recipe so they are going to use shake n bake. And you know what? It really does the trick in a pinch.

Me: I thought the pork chops were fantastic! the dijon mustard that you coat them with before the breading creates great flavour and they were very moist. The potatoes left something to be desired as I found them extremly bland. probably should have tossed them with some left over breading before baking to give them a little extra. the greek salad was my own and as far as I am concerned, lovely ;) it was just orange peppers, cucumber and tomato with Kraft light greek dressing. simple.

Kevin (Dear Husband): Pork chop was good (he ate half of his - which is a rave review coming from him). Didn't say much about the potatoes but he put ketchup on them which isn't a good sign. He opted for cucumber pieces with a little light italian dressing as he doesn't do the greek salad thing. Overall I would consider this a successful meal as far as he is concerned.

Kai (5yo): I am NOT eating THAT! and that about sums it up. actually here is a picture, he opted for half a banana and apple instead of the measly food on his plate. He did attempt a nibble at the potato but rejected it. Hey at least he put it in his mouth! And really half a banana and half an apple is pretty healthy, even if it is only 1 of 4 food groups. As far as I am concerned there were no chicken nuggets, french fries or cereal bars. I'll consider this a win for mommy.

Perrin (3yo): picked up the potato, put it down. picked up a piece of orange pepper and put it down. Ate one bite of banana and then demanded milk (which I refused). And that's it for him today.

I also made a carrot soup. I'll talk about that tomorrow :)

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