Monday, April 12, 2010

Eggplant (Berry) Lasagna

So I always have a hard time with the idea of making a meal that I think probably won't get eaten. Seems like a lot of work to freeze a bunch of meals for myself for lunches or to be thrown in the garbage. Luckily we have house guests this week, what a perfect time to try a new recipe!

I followed the directions exactly. I used regular lasagna noodles as I couldn't find any noodles that were thinner at my local grocery store. I just have to say, YUMMY! I'm not a huge eggplant fan. I've had it a couple of times and it's ok, nothing too exciting but this was fantastic. The Bechamel sauce probably is what made the dish but I really think this was a really healthy dinner! Oh and for sauce I used Jarred Fire Roasted tomato sauce.

I loved it. Obviously! It was rich and creamy and other than some Parmesan it had no cheese in it. I didn't know a low cheese vegetarian lasagna could be so incredible.

Kevin ate it and also liked it! I am completely shocked. He did make a comment that he could do without the eggplant skin. Next time I think I will peel half of it, in spirals to cut down on the amount of skin. It is a very healthy part of the plant so I don't want to remove it completely.

The kids boycotted dinner entirely except for croutons. Again I'm just going to keep making healthy food. It is entirely up to them on whether or not to eat it but faced with increasingly healthy, and only healthy, choices I am sure they will adapt and one day take the plunge. It helps that Kevin is eating the meals and helping to set a good example.

Our two guests also loved the lasagna and had two servings each! I am about to test the leftovers on a coworker as well so I will add in her comments next time. She's 1/2 Italian so I am sure she will have something to say!

Oh and I forgot to mention about the zucchini muffins! Kai did not want to eat them, being that they had green stuff in them so I picked off any visible dark green bits and Kai still didn't want to try it. I convinced him to have a bite. He still told me he didn't want it but I was able to get him to eat half of the muffin. Now Kai makes his opinions very well known when he doesn't like something. You can NOT make him eat something he truly hates so it was very obvious that he did actually like the muffin but was turned off by the green specs and didn't want to change his opinion. However he did eat another muffin later that night when he refused to eat dinner so I know that we can say a win for mommy!

That being said, if you have picky suspicious eaters like I do.. I'd suggest pureeing the zucchini, which is what I will do next time. That way you have all the good for you nutrients but without the negative reaction to green specs :)

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