Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mmmm carrots

So while cooking dinner last night I decided to make some carrot soup. I LOVE the Knorr soups but they seem to be getting more and more expensive and I can't really justify soup in a box. And really if I am trying to live cleaner then I should just make my own!

I found the recipe on kraftcanada as well - I promise to look at other sites soon. I pretty much followed the recipe but maybe didn't cut my carrots small enough so they took a bit longer to cook, burning off more of the liquid so I added a bit more broth and water. I also used jarred ginger since that is what I had.

The kids observed my cooking, asking what I was making and taking a peak into the pot now and then. And when it came to puree the soup they were all eyes. They absolutely love the food processor so I usually put them in charge of it whenever I bring it out.

I tasted the soup and loved it. Probably could have used more ginger but I have also heard that the ginger is stronger the second day so we'll see since it is my lunch today. My food processor doesn't blend completely smooth but I don't mind a tiny bit of texture. Overall I was very happy with the soup and can't wait till lunch time!

DH took a spoonful and immediately scrunched up his face in revulsion. Thankfully the kids weren't in the room when I did it. I believe the words Ew Yuck came out of his mouth, or something along those lines. he complained that I didn't sufficiently prepare him by having a pop or something for him to wash it down with. A couple of minutes later he came by and complained that he could still taste the celery and that his eyes were still watering (there is 1 stalk of celery in the whole batch of soup - about 8-10 cups after cooking).

Kai agreed with a little pushing to taste a sample from the spoon and was also completely disgusted and quickly told me how awful it was. This is not a surprise. Kai hasn't eaten a cooked vegetable since he was a baby starting out on solids. I can occasionally convince him to eat a raw carrot though.

Perrin didn't want to taste it so when he wasn't looking I put about a 64th of a teaspoon on my finger and rubbed it on his teeth haha. Mean I know but I couldn't resist. He started sputtering and choking and sat there for a good 5 minutes making gagging sounds and wiping his hands over his face and mouth trying to remove the last trace of any of the soup.

Give me strength. Maybe I should hunt for a recipe that I think they will eat and see how that goes. Either way I will keep going. At the very least I know I am eating healthy nutritious food. Maybe they will one day follow suit.

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